Auction Archive

Over the years we have put millions of dollars into the hands of our clients through successful sales. From luxurious waterfront estates, to two bedroom bungalows, fully stocked warehouses, to local diners. We have many years of experience in both commercial liquidation and estate auctions and this is but a small sample of what we have sold for our clients over the years.

Commercial Auctions

We have conducted thousands of commercial sales and liquidations, putting money into the hands of business owners. Here is a small sample.

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Estate Auctions

Whether it's due to a death in the family, or just downsizing after the kids go off to college our clients have trusted us with their estates and we have always come through for them. Here are some of the highlights.

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Social Media

To promote events we use a lot of advertising methods, but our favorite has to be Facebook because of the interaction with our clients and customers.

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